E&I Employment and Inclusion:  Sharing good educational practices and systematising a training competences programme for employment and inclusion for vulnerable adult people

Erasmus +
24 months: 2016-2018

Coordinator: Universidad de Oviedo (Spain)

Partners: UAb (Portugal)

CEPA (Spain)

CPIA (Italy) a


This project tries to give a solution to the shared European problem of unemployment and the social exclusion, affecting particularly adults and vulnerable groups.

The objectives are accepted and well-known among the partnership:

1-To find any teaching need concerning transversal competences for employability of adults at risk of exclusion

2-To exchange of experiences in educational planning and teaching vulnerable adults

3-To sketch a training plan for the development and the improvement of the competences that are found in shortfall

4-To implement courses and activities within the framework of that plan in our centres and other institutions

5-To assess and exchange the outcome

6-To systematise and expand our plan to the region’s educational services

Different tangible results of our actions are foreseen to be achieved all the long of the project:

1- Creating and sharing a training plan (objectives, contents, methodologies, resources, evaluation y certification) and the development of a whole new curriculum for employment and the inclusion of vulnerable adults. The training sessions will be carried out in Italy, Spain, France and Portugal.

2. Creating and sharing a handbook as a methodological guide,

3. Creating and sharing a TV programme produces by a state-funded local TV company, RTPA with commercial broadcasting quality about good practices in education.

4. Spreading awareness about the project’s ideas and results

All news and events of the project can be found here: https://www.unioviedo.es/ei/

4. Sensibiliser le grand public sur les idées et les résultats du projet

Kickoff meeting Oviedo November 2016

Training Padoue March 2017

Training Gijon July 2017

Meeting Paris October 2017

Training Paris Mars 2018

One week in Paris (video)

Meeting April 2018 Lisbon

Final conference July 2018 Lisbon

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