The Elephant Musik association aims at the creation and promotion of alternative music from traditional rhythms and remixed world music.
Elephant Musik is born from the cooperation of a drummer-percussionist and an accordionist.
Their particularly festive duo has already been heard in the four corners of France.
Their musical offer is a journey into folk and regional French music.
These old tunes are often the result of a true international melting pot. Thus we hear the Celtic heritage in the gavotte from Brittany, the Portuguese heritage in the Landes Rondos, the Italian immigration in the Parisian musette waltzes, This musical fusion and intrinsic historical folk repertoire French (from all over the country) is revealed in the work of Elephant Musik: music both universal and typically French.
Guy Khalepski, the drummer, is a graduate of both:
• the Ecole music ARPEJ-Paris
• Conservatory of Paris 13ème
He is the founder and director of the association Elephant Musik and has created a first group name Squeezing temples, participating in many evenings or public or private events in Paris.
Furthermore he is the permanent drummer of the Snow White Bazaar Orchestra.
As for the accordionist Éric Garnier, after his classes at the Paris Conservatory, he now accompanies many ensembles of French songs, plays and dance bands. He plays as much in song festivals as in Montmartre cabarets. He cultivates the mix of styles and can pass a klezmer concert at a concert gypsy or a bagpipe concert in support of French songs.

Singer / songwriter / guitarist, Pierre (Monsieur Pierre) was born into a family of musicians and music lovers . From his origins (French-Angola), he draws his taste for African rhythms, Brazilian, Latin jazz. But he is as much passionate for French songs like those from Brel , Brassens , Ferré , Nougaro, etc...Monsieur Pierre

Most members of the association are themselves musicians and linked thru cross- cooperation in several music groups.
Among the music ensembles/groups to which they belong, there is
Blanche Neige Bazaar Orchestra
The Blancheneige Bazaar Orchestra (BBO) is born from the meeting, four years ago, six musicians inspired by jazz, Indian music, the melodies of Eastern Europe and Eastern rhythms, but with adaptation to the sounds of nowadays music.
Punctuated by themes and haunting rhythms, the music of Blancheneige Orchestra Bazaar is a melting pot of reinvented traditional music. This "grub music" gives a jazz that draws inspirations as well from klezmer or Gypsy music, then from western psychedelic or rock music. The universal aspect of the music of BBO and emphasis given to improvisation group opened multiple live musical collaborations. The intervention of musicians outside the group, like Anwar Hussain, a singer of Rajasthan, is now a tradition at concerts BBO. And shows how dreams, travel and sincerity are at the heart of his musical approach.
Squeezing temples
Everything from beautiful musical encounters ... during the year 2007, Guy Khalepski (drummer) infuses his boundless energy to a project emerging, that of developing a jazz quintet in the old way "that distills its velvety notes in bars and restaurants in Paris. To do this, he surrounds himself with his oldest allies - Romain Kagan on bass, and Mary Davy on vocals - but also new knowledge encountered over its sessions in Paris, Benedict Martin on piano and Luke "Tool" Lethuillier on trumpet. Little by little the bird builds its nest, and "Guy's Quintet" as it was originally called themselves soda As his gigs Parisian personalities are revealed, the conniving music grow, and the quintet finds his real identity under the curious nickname of "Squeezing Temple", which quickly won unanimously. Revisiting a repertoire of jazz standards on the selected component to its spicy sauce soul-funk, "Squeezing the Temple" will be happy to take on board flights beautiful music, with a drink or a meal with pals ... but also knows how to animate fashionable cocktails, barbecue friends and other barmitzva ... pending future crossings at Duke or at the New Morning, and other well-known places...