Projet Griundtvig EducArts

1st meeting GRU-ARTS
November 14-20, 2013
Program and costs






Nov. 14


Informal meeting of the arriving partners (according to the arrival schedule) and common informal dinner (optional)

Optional dinner ala cart


Nov. 15, 2013

Working day1

Working session 1

and 2

10.30: Session 1 in the morning: Introductions, presentations-getting to know each other

12.30: Light meal.

13.00: Session 2 in the afternoon:  Project objectives, products, meeting schedule and timeline.

15:30   Walking through the center of Athens to the hotel. Guided path.

16.30: Free time

Evening (around 8.30): Dinner in a typical Greek tavern with live music.

Light meal: offered

Coffee: offered

Dinner: 25€/person


Nov. 16, 2013

Working Day 2

Working sessions 3 and 4

10.00: Session 3: Project objectives, products, meeting schedule and timeline.

12.00: Free time for shopping and light meal

14.30: Session 4: Products, meeting schedule and timeline. Closing remarks

17.00:  Walking through the center of Athens to the hotel. Guided path.

18.00: Free time

Meals ala cart


Nov. 17, 2013

History and Culture tour around Attica


Visit to the Temple of Poseidon, Cape Sounio. Visit to the ancient settlement of Lavrio. Visit to the Technology Park of Lavrion. Seafood meal in Lavrion



Seafood meal: around 25€/person

Entrance to the Temple of Poseidon 4€/person


Nov. 18, 2013

Recreation and History Day

Visit to the island of Aegina. Temple of Afaia Athina


Ferry boat ticket:10€/prsn

Entrance to the Temple: 4€/person

Seafood  lunch: around 20€/person


Nov. 19, 2013

Culture day

Visit to the Acropolis  Museum and The Parthenon (morning)

Cultural walk in the city center (afternoon-evening).


Entrance to Acropolis 12€/person

New Acropolis Museum (must): 5€/person


Nov. 20, 2013






  1. For those leaving after Nov-19 (19.20.21), the cost is 103€ (extract the cost of Nov 19, if you are leaving early in the day and cannot attend)

  2. For those leaving before Nov-19 (UK &CY) the cost is 69€

  3. Please let me know if you accept one receipt for the total amount or a receipt for each different activity (more difficult).

  4. Please let me know if you can accept a receipt from Aeiforum for the paid amount, or you need from the professionals of each activity.

  5. Please let me know ASAP, if any of you leaving after 18 of November, if you are not going to attend any of the activities. In this case there will be changes in the cost per person.

  6. Feel free to ask me any question about the program and the cost.