The project aims at improving the awareness of adult and elderly people on sustainable development and connected issues. After identifying the training needs of the target group, partners will schedule and organize a number of training courses for adults and elderly people, with topics from the six EU key intervention areas (climate change, health, social exclusion, sustainable transport, natural resources and global poverty). The topics will be adapted to the profile (age, studies, interests, etc) and the everyday needs of the target group, in order to have a direct impact on the attitudes and other relevant aspects of everyday life. A wide plan of dissemination will utilized in order to promote the ideas and values of sustainable development that can improve human life, while, at the same time preserving the quality and productivity of Earth's ecosystems. This will contribute to minimize the gap between generations, offering at the same time to elderly people the opportunity to feel members of the wider European family. Apart from this, the project will try to introduce a new European institution the "European Concert and Festival Sustainability Label". Partners with relevant experience, know how and expertise, will undertake the particular task, in order to bring about positive changes in a cultural aspect of life.