Summary of the SOME project

Our project "SOME", is focused on adult learners, individually or small groups, young or senior voluntary, from European countries, interested to enrich their knowledge, language and social abilities in order to get a new European dimension.

In the first year of the project, the countries will prepare a traditional music concert and a music box including flash cards and presentations telling about traditional musical instruments, famous composers, historical information, some notes of traditional songs, videos of some concerts, brochures of the association,city,country and some traditional features. The host country will perform its own traditional concert and introduce the musical traditional features to the partners.

In the second year of the project, Each country will have music boxes of all countries. They will look into the boxes, exhibit them and announce a music training open to public.They will use local media tools to get the participants. They will try to include especially disadvantaged people of the society to the training. In this training, They will introduce all the musical features of each country to the trainess.They will have a music training programme material. After the trainings, They will evaluate the quality of the training with questionaires. They will also arrange exhibitions of these training materials of music boxes. Each country will send the notes of 2 traditional songs to each other. The countries will perform instrumental music concerts with these traditional songs with the slide shows introducing the music and culture of the countries. They will also form a musical web site and upload all these audio-visual materials and cultural aspects with a comment and discussion forum in order to evaluate the project and all these performances.