Objectives and strategy

With this project, Our objectives of partnership are;
For Trainees:
* Bringing Europe and the European Community closer to the trainees, and introducing the European dimension into their education
* Collaborating different nations and cultures in the frame of music
* Catching the international soul of the music by performing one another's traditional songs.
* Giving opportunity to the members of the associations and the public to learn about different music
* Clarifying differences and the common points of the nation's music
* Creating a common musical product of nation's in a music box including musical flashcards, booklets, notes and a musical web portal which we can exhibit our common performances.
* Rehabilitating the trainees of the associations in the frame of cultural integration with the power of music.
* Integrating into the idea of equality, respect and tolerance in the frame og being a world citizen.
* Meeting at the common point of 'Active Solidarity and Citizenship'
* Forming a cultural and musical web portal including all the performances and traditional music of participating countries with the forum which will allow the visitors to write their own comments.
* Getting rid of the prejudices with the soul of the music energy.

For Trainers and Administrative Teams:
* Opening new horizons through contact with centres and teaching staffs from other countries .
* Becoming acquainted with other music cultures and educational systems.
* Helping trainers to be motivated by and enjoy their work
* Improving their teaching practice through reflection and cooperative work
* Sharing different viewpoints regarding music and musical practices
* Creating a common corpus of materials and activities by exchanging information with all organizations forming part of the music education communities in our partner countries: trainers, trainees, etc

With " SOME" We intend to address the trainees and especially disadvantaged members of the public. We will attract them to the association by using the magic of music. Both the Trainers and the trainees will feel the taste of music that can unite all the nations and rehabilitate the souls. They will understand being a world citizen by feeling the uniting power of the music in their souls.
We will use the power of music and artistic skills. The countries will prepare the materials in the boxes by using their artistic skills. In other words, they will produce their own training materials.