Objectives and strategy

Main objectives of the project:
A. A series of training courses for adults and aged people (over 60) on Sustainable Development and related issues.
B. To create an Agenda for Adult and Elderly People Life Long Education on Sustainable Development, and
c. To introduce an innovative institution in Europe, the “European Concert and Festival Sustainability Label”
More specifically:
1. To increase public awareness and understanding about sustainable development (S.D)
2. To make adults and older people aware that present and future generations have the right to a clean, productive, and enjoyable environment (intergenerational equity)
3. To organize local surveys among the adult and elderly people, in order to identify educational needs in the field of SD, including all the aspects that comprise the content of the term
4. To organize a series of training courses as a respond to the educational needs identified by the above mentioned surveys
5. To improve adult and elderly people knowledge about SD and the new opportunities for employment in the «green economy».
6. To involve local, regional, national end European partners and stakeholders, in the effort to improve people’s awareness on SD
7. To identify the entry points for integrating education for SD into the LLP courses (i.g. environmental education, global, health, peace, citizenship, human rights, consumer and development education)
8. To equip adults and elderly people with the knowledge, skills and attitudes they need to make conscious choices directed to achieving and preserving the planet on which both they and future generations are dependent
9. To contribute in the effort of reducing the ecological footprint of the partners and also of the local society, using an array of different approaches towards a pro-environmental behavior
10. To train a minimum number of 50 adults and elderly people (per partner) in order to make them capable of coping with everyday problems, connected with their “ecological footprint”, but also with their health and entertainment
11. To utilize learner –centered, holistic and active teaching approaches in the training courses
12. To introduce a «European Concert and Festival Sustainability Label», in order to facilitate the mitigation of the impacts of music concerts and festivals on the European Environment.