Objectives and strategy

The main objectives of the project are the interaction between theatre enthusiasts of various generations from diverse European partner countries, sharing pedagogical and artistic experiences, practicing the common language of theatre and finding inspiration through myths and fables of the cooperating countries.
More specifically, we have defined the following topics and issues for the learning partnership:

A. MYTHS AND LEGENDS - To find and explore in the creative way the typical cultural motives or common archetypes
A.1 To work on the psychological aspects of legends and myths (archetypes) using different improvisational theatre techniques.
A.2 To improve inter-cultural communication using language of the performing arts (drama, poetry in performance etc.) and common motives/ cultural scenarios (myths, fables)

B.1. To investigate and promote the use of theatrical techniques in adult education
B.2 To demonstrate how the theatrical activities model could improve adult learning
B.3 To bring together young and elderly people and discover their different needs regarding the method of theatrical work
B.4 To explore the possibilities of improvisation as a result of the interactions of different European cultures as well as different generations.

C.1 To reach participants from disadvantaged groups who may not be able to participate in local community activities and in exchange to open the theatre to new individuals and communities
C.2 To suggest ideas for intergenerational cultural and social activities

The methods foreseen to achieve those objectives are:
- a study of sources (written or/and oral): myths and legends
- local intergenerational workshops on specific topics
- in tandem international theatrical workshops on specific topics
- intergenerational ICT and languages courses
- cooperation between involved organizations: sharing information, discussing problems and finding solutions.