Tell Me a Story Project

(Grundtvig Learning Partnerships)


1st Partner meeting activity report

The first partners meeting of the Tell Me Project was held on the 7th of November 2012 in Wrocław.

Organizations from the following countries participated in the meeting: Poland, Portugal, Netherlands, France, Italy, and Austria.


During the first part of our meeting:

  1. partners' introduction,

  2. all partners organizations summarized their experiences in theatrical activities and cooperated with seniors,

  3. the coordinator (Poland, U3A) outlined the main idea and goals of the Tell Me Project, the basic method of research (the use of theatrical techniques in adult education), and next steps in the project.


During the second part of our meeting:

  1. partners from Poland presented their theatrical groups (in U3A) and specific experiences in theatrical activities with seniors,

  2. all partners discussed the general plan, project ideas, and allocation of the specific tasks,

  3. all partners set the project timetable, and presented the proposals, which will be implemented in U3A (computer classes for seniors – “Old age in the internet”, intergeneration discussion group – "Between old age and youth - Meeting with legends, myths and fables”,

  4. all partners discussed new tasks (Spain and Czech Republic tasks). Polish team is responsible for Spanish tasks, and other partners have to decide they are able to realize the task of Czech Republic, if yes, they are obliged to inform all partners about that (by the end of January),

  5. during the meeting, we jointly discussed and agreed on issues considering communication and internet tools, dissemination: Facebook account:

(, set the date for the next meeting

with partners, and the deadline for the evaluation.



  1. communication tools for a mailing group (,

  2. internet tools -website containing information about the project and partners presentations (, Facebook grope,

  3. 1st partner meeting in Wrocław,

  4. we have general plan

  5. evaluation questionnaire,

  6. theatrical group (Poland)

  7. logo,

  8. first newsletter,

  9. first partner activity report,

  10. 2nd meeting in Porto 16-17th May 2013


Partners have established the following tasks:

10.11.2012 – Questionnaire on website, evaluation (Poland).

14.11.2012 – Logo (design) proposal (All partners).

14.11.2012 – Project of flyer/ leaflet and logo (Poland).

14.11.2012 – Facebook group (Poland, Netherlands).

9. 12. 2012 – Filling the evaluation form (All partners)

12. 12. 2012 – First newsletter: dissemination (Poland)

12.12.2012 – First partner activity report (Poland).

20. 12. 2012 – First partner meeting evaluation report (Poland).

16-17.05. 2013 – Next meeting in Porto, during the next meeting SOS Portuguese Language Course.