Arriving 1st day
Wednesday 2th of May
Morning Afternoon Evening
19.30: Concert v/ Anna
Aurigi, Stefania Patavia,
Francesco Scarcella and
Gianluca Milanese in
Asminderød Church
Second dayThursday 3th of May Breakfast at ”Fredensborg Danhostel”

9.00 Delivery of programme.

Walk through the castle park to Blindecenter Bredegaard.

10.30 - 11.30 Guided tour at Blindecenter Bredegaard
11.30 - 12.00 Coffee
12.15 - 12.45: Lur Concert. 12.45-13.15: Organic lunch 45 dkr (6,05 Euro)

13.30: Meeting blind learners:
Concert "De spillende Muldvarper"


Free time.
17.30 -18.30: Dinner at “Under Kronen”
A la carte menu (drinks not included) 198 dkr. (26,62 Euro)

19.30: Fredensborg Old Bio: Concert with Fredensborg Town Orchestra.

21.00: Folk dance group.

Inviting you for common dancing.

Dancing all night :-)
The third day Friday 4th of May Breakfast at ”Fredensborg Danhostel”

9.00 Common SOME meeting.

Trip to Helsingør:
Visit to Kronborg Castle entré 75 dkr. (10,08 Euro)

Lunch in the green.

Free time
17.30: Dinner at Fredensborg Danhostel. 19.30: Fredensborg Old Bio. Common SOME meeting & presentation of Danish Music/cooking. Ceremony of Certification. Our SOME cosy concert - you can play/sing some pieces, if you like.
The fourth day Saturday the 5th og May Breakfast at ”Fredensborg Danhostel”

9.00Trip to Copenhagen.
Choose between canaltour, muséums, shopping ;-)

15:00 Guided tour at Rosenborg Castle.

16:00 Concert with” The Royal Brass Quintet”
19:00 Dinner at “Det Lille Apotek” 198 dkr. (26,62 Euro), (drinks not included)

Free time. Tivoli if you like, entré 95 dkr (12,77 Euro)
The fifth day Sunday the 6th of May Breakfast at “Fredensborg Danhostel” Trip to Humlebæk Visiting Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. 95 dkr (12,77 Euro) Lunch, buffet at Louisiana Café, 119 dkr. (16 Euro)
Departure day Monday the 7th of May