In Cupello;

-The musıc box materials have been presented by “Gruppo Folk La Fontana”

-Our group website has been presented by Mr. Baris EKICI ( The emails will be sent to thim by the users and he will give information how to add information about the website.
-The Poster of the website has been prepared by Live Music Now (England)
-Two songs have been presented by Turkey (Kocaeli Metropolitan Turkish Art Music Association) These songs are:
* Gel gönlümü yerden yere vurma güzel ne olursun
* Üsküdar’a gider iken aldı da bir yağmur
The scores of these songs have been delivered to all the partners and they have been sung together with all the partners.
-Two songs will be prepared by all the partners and will be exchanged and studied for the common concert.
-After the meeting, we had chance to taste the typical meals in the cultural music box and we had chance to watch the typical music and dance at night.

In Lecce,
-The music box materials have been presented by Lecce Conservatory.
-The meanings of the lyrics have been explained by them.
-The rehearsals of the students have been watched (Soprano rehearsals)
-There had been a guided city tour in Lecce.
-The concert of Lecce Conservatory has been given by them in the Palace accompanied by the buffet diner. -A tour to Otranto had been done and we had chance to perform, sing and dance altogether with all the partners leaded by the chorus of Gruppo Folk La Fontana.
-The meeting dates have been submitted (PARIS-5th-6th September)