Minutes of Kickoff meeting in Paris
Grundtvig project ASEA
2012 -2014

Presentation of partners

Cyprus partner - telling about Cyprus – the Orthodox church plays an important role in social life in Cyprus. Associations are connected to the church. As we will see when visiting Cyprus, a lot of activities are taking place in this framework. Nicosia has around 300.000 people. It is not a coastal city and is located in a very dry area.
Greek philosophy plays an important role in Greece. We might include in our project - Greek philosophy, relevant for our project. In this way we shall investigate our common European roots, in order to be aware of our European dimension. We were talking about modern life too. Maybe consumers are manipulated not to think – we should investigate this issue. We mentioned George Orwell's book for instance. But we might be able to find more books and also scientific material in order to investigate our project in a theoretical way too – so that our practical issues might be based on scientific evidence too. A book with the title “hand” was mentioned – that using the hands develops the brain.
We were talking about the importance of silence, and “braille” as an important tool for blind people. Modern technology shouldn't replace “braille” completely.
Cyprus might be taking care of writing the theoretical part – and then we can comment on it, be inspired by it and maybe contribute with knowledge from our countries. We were debating a LOGO for our project, and the Greek mask was suggested – depicting a mask with “two faces”, symbolizing the Apollonian and the Dionysian. And with this mask the saying “nothing in excess” is maybe a wise sentence to keep in mind in order to take care of the world.
At an informal meeting, I was talking to the Cyprus partner about the value of introducing nature to children. You shouldn't allow children to spend all their leisure time on computers. If you get in contact with nature, you also see the beauty of it, and if you see the beauty, you also get motivation for caring about it.

Czech republic

Prague partner was talking about Recycling, and telling about various workshops– for instance creating bags. In Prague folk traditions are kept alive, and many traditional patterns are known.
Talking about recycling paper.
Talking about a project for blind and partially sighted adults – creating models of gothic windows, etc – to be touched.
We were talking about “eggs” as an idea for our project. Consumers have the responsibility of taking care of the animals. You have the choice as a consumer to choose for instance between cheep eggs from caged hens or free range hens. Different Easter traditions and different ways of decorating eggs – could be an idea for workshops.
At an informal meeting Prague partner told me about the communist era – that they suppressed traditions related to religion, and so now – people are very interested in reliving old traditions.

In fact an interesting issue, and idea for workshops – would be – traditions in our countries, focusing on the old traditions – that are simple, and not commercial – Christmas and Easter has a lot of traditions to it that is not polluting and not ruining the environment.
And songs and stories and games are connected to it – bringing people together. It would be interesting too to see what traditions might be changed in order to act in a way taking care of the environment? We can always improve our behavior. In Paris for instance they are using CFLs (?) in the outdoor decorations at Christmas. We do so in Denmark too. Debating light could be an integrated part of a workshop around Christmas for instance.


we have chosen the problem of “stress” to be our focus point in this project. A reason for this is the fact that stress is a big problem in Denmark. And I have made the statement that avoiding stress might create more conscious consumers. Silence is needed – I should like to have a look at the noise pollution in modern society. Creating connections between people and connections to the past – creating meetings between retired adults and children is very valuable. I see that out thoughts about the increased networking between people, is very similar to the French ideas.
So yoga outdoor, and silence, and also water could be an issue, and also the food we eat, and recycling – to have a look at the world outside of Europe.

Manuality – handworking – very important for the future. Sicily
Greece – frontal labs – if you use the hand – “the hand”
Braille – using the hands –
Using the hearing more -
Romanian and gothic architecture.
Tjeck – touching – exhibition – models of gothic architecture. Explained theory – ceramic workshop – prepared gothic windows –
Sicily – Italy/Romania – handicapped people – easter – themes.
Soap – idea from Prague – collecting things to create soap.


Main six issues of Europe :
Attitudes of everyday life
Sustainable development
Earth ecosystems
New European institution
Undertake the particular task (experts)
Training courses
Agenda of activities
Older people and younger people working together
Introduce a new label “Sustainable label”
Training course – public awareness – present generations
Post offices - Sicily– using paper for copying – on both sides.
50 people – capable with everyday problems

Italy – think about the older people and the older – to learn from each other – how to recycle? Recycling – workshop and training in the same time.
The past meeting with the next generation.
Sometimes the young people can teach the old people.

Here are some ideas

Social sustainable economy – teaching about it.
Sustainable tourism – learn about it – you can go and talk about Mali.
Less consuming with awareness
Recycling – less consuming
Repair café – you come with old objects and you prepare them. Monique.
Visit a place recycling music : TALAKATAK
Paris new initiatives from Government – not to have electric light all night outside.
People are cycling more.

TODO list

Output of the project
course about sustainability
each partner must prepare some ideas for next meeting in Sicily

we must make a e-book about good practices in sustainability in each country
and then , eventually, print it

we can organize recycling workshops
eventually intergenerational workshops

Communication tools :

Logo : prepared by Cyprus

Google mailing list and website by France
All partners need to send to Guy their logo and a text about their association , in order to put on the website!

Meetings :
Now we are only five partners
How many meetings?
We decide that there are going to be 5 meetings ( including the Kickoff)

End of March – Sicily – Thursday – Friday – 2th and 3th of May 2013
Writing about it is a task of the Cyprus.
Third meeting –autumn 2013
Fourth in spring 2014
Fifth in June 2014