Portugal minutes

Mainstream of Integrating Adults through "Soul of the Music Energy"
-Second project meeting-
5th OCT-8 th Feb 2011


TURKEY: Kocaeli Metropolitan Turkish Art Music Association

1. Vehbi Hopali
2. Nilgün Ekici
3. Hidayet Ergünes
4. Vildan Aydin
5. Asuman Açikel

PORTUGAL: Associação de Cultura Musical de Lousada

6. Clemente Bessa
7. Fernanda Alves
8. Luisa Ferreira
9. António Pacheco
10. Susana Cunha

DENMARK: Fredensborg Aftenskole
11. Lise Wille-Jørgensen
12. Annemari Rommedahl

FRANCE: Association Elephant Musik
13. Guy Khalepski
14. Pierre de Meireles

ITALY: Conservatorio di Musica “Tito Schipa” di Lecce
(They couldn’t participate the 2nd meeting due to the problems in their Country)

ITALY: Gruppo Folk “La Fontana”
15. Rocco Ialacci
16. Pietro Ciffolilli
17. Vincenzo Carlucci
18. Giovanni Muscianese

ROMANIA: Orizont Cultural T
(They couldn’t participate the 2nd meeting)

UNITED KINGDOM: Live Music Now South West
19. Ali Smith
20. John Pearce
21. Dave Archer

1st DAY:
Mr Clemente Bessa, president of the Associação de Cultura Musical de Lousada, made a welcome speech, emphasizing the importance of the Project and wishing all a pleasant time of work and pleasure in Lousada.
Subsequently, Mrs. Cristina Moreira, representing the City Hall made also a welcome speech. She talked about the region where Lousada is in – Sousa Valley – and the efforts the City Hall is doing by developing the region socially and economically. She highlighted the fact of Lousada being the youngest county in Portugal with the highest percentage of newborns. She also made a review of all European projects the City Hall is involved and how this participations improve the great development of the county.
Afterwards, Mr. Vehbi HOPALI, Kocaeli Metropolitan Turkish Art Music Association Manager, made a small speech for the beginning of the works and he also greeted the Italian partners from Cupello since they could not be present at the Kick off meeting.
Group Folk ‘La Fontana’ introduced themselves, showing a video presentation of their work and performances.
By the afternoon, the Portuguese partners distributed their music box and made a detailed explanation on its contents.
French partners showed their website at http://www.elephantmusik.fr/ where they gather information about the project.

2nd DAY:
With the coordination of Nilgün EKİCİ (Project Manager), all the participants discussed about the project, focusing on the contents of their music boxes, their exhibitions on each institution, and on the dissemination of the project trough the learners.
Afterwards, Denmark partners made a detailed presentation about their country, art, music and institution.
Partners from Live Music Now South West (John Pearce and Dave Archer) performed a little improvised concert for the students of the Music School.
It was also decided next meeting agenda for 21st and 22nd May in Cupello (Gruppo Folk ‘La Fontana’) and 23rd and 24th in Lecce (Conservatorio di Musica “Tito Schipa”).

3rd MEETING DATE was defined as between 21st of May, Saturday and 24th of May, Tuesday. The arrival date should be 20th of May. The departure day should be 25th of May but the visitors may come earlier and extend their travel.
• The 3rd meeting will be in Italy - for 21st and 22nd May in Cupello (Gruppo Folk ‘La Fontana’) and 23rd and 24th in Lecce (Conservatorio di Musica “Tito Schipa”).

• Each of the partners should prepare a Grundtvig Project Corner in their institutions. They will exhibit all the materials, photos and the things at their corner.
• They should have a Grundtvig Poster about our Project.
• Mrs. Nilgün EKİCİ will send the logo of the project to Mrs. Ali Smith and Ali Smith will prepare the posters for the project.
• In the frame of the project, cultural concerts including the songs of the member countries will be done. In order to do this, Each of the countries will bring two songs to the meeting in Italy so that Partners can work over them and prepare their concerts. The songs shouldn’t be so completed, they should be easy to work on and they should represent the typical modes of the nation belonged.
• As the partners need to work on the music box materials,All the rest of the partners will prepare the music box materials, copy them according to the partner number and bring them to the meeting in Italy so that the partners can exchange them and exhibit them in their institution.
• The Web site will be ready and will be introduced by the website designer.