„TELL ME a story (TELL ME)“ is a project that brings together amateur theatre groups, directors, scientists and adult learning trainers to explore issues of intercultural communication through theatrical activities.
In each of the countries, a team of non-professional actors and directors will be created. They will explore myths and fables and will make theatre stories based on them. Communicating during meetings and in between meetings through internet tools that will be created for the project, teams will try to explore each other’s stories and find out differences and similarities. At the same time they will try to find acting tools in order to put the stories “in theatre action” and create interesting performances. The whole project is going to be implemented as an educational non-formal program that will improve the non-professional actors’ and directors’ artistic abilities along with improving the awareness of different cultures. We hope to create long-lasting relations between the non-professional young and senior actors and directors from different countries and encourage them to continue the collaboration even after the end of the project.
The project language will be English, but during the workshops the body could be the main “communication tool” between actors and directors. In a way, theatre could be considered as an “international language”.
During the meetings we also intend to learn much more about the host organization, the culture of the country and the visited city.