Project YODUL


As we all know, an adult is anybody who is out of the formal education process regardless of the age. Since adults are out of this crucial process, a need arises to form a very broad term which we call “adult education”. In broad term, adult education is the practice of teaching and instructing these adults via informal education. However, due to environmental and social problems and so on, some adults around Europe do not have opportunity to raise their life quality. With this context, these adults not having this adequate quality have problems in communicating with younger generations. The adults cannot express, convey themselves to the young. The young on the other hand cannot comprehend what the adults know, feel, have experienced. We try to overcome this problem by increasing the life quality of the adults and forming the communication links between the adults and the young.

The YODUL project (the YOung and aDULts) seeks to identify and develop innovative methods for enhancing the intergenerational dialogue between the adults and the young in European countries; and then, to disseminate the findings and the good practice widely. The project wants to develop the collaboration between the adults and the young in EU standards, and arrange activities and dialogue meetings so as to improve the collaboration to the benefit of the adults in the European educational system.

Each of the five partners, from a range of institutions in five widely-spread countries, will establish contacts with adults, schools and other relevant stakeholders of the local community in order to ensure national participation and ownership of the project. The local communities act as reflection partners and will be involved in the survey.