Project YODUL


Long-term objective:

To increase the life quality of the adults who have not been able to acquire basic education due to various reasons by enhancing basic life and cognitive skills, and to make them active in society.

Short-term objectives:

A) To enhance the life standards of the adults in participating countries.
B) To increase and empower the communication link between the adults and the young by means of dialogue interaction and communication skills.
C) To indoctrinate the adults with the idea of adaptation to the modern world.
D) To establish partnerships between adults and the young, improving their self-esteem and the consciousness of working together.
E) To awaken and share examples of innovative methods and good practice among our partners.
F) To use and integrate ICT for partnership-communication and dissemination, as well as inviting adults to make use of it.
G) To provide the adults with basic social information such as nutrition, health care, basic maths knowledge and, especially, literacy.
H) To develop the cultures of the participating countries.

In overall, these objectives are directly linked to the Grundtvig operational objectives 1 and 2 [See section E.1], and specifically to the following ones, as for instance: GRU-OpObj-3 ; GRU-OpObj-4 ; GRU-OpObj-6 . The ICT component in our project is also important, but it is used as a means by which to communicate, collect and disseminate the results and evaluation of our project. Moreover, we will like to highlight that within and throughout the YODUL project, it will be noticed that we have also taken into consideration and contributed to the national priorities (if any) of the countries of the participating institutions in YODUL, as well as to the European ones.

As we have just stated, we would like to achieve a real and effective participation of adults into the educational systems by means of improving the communication between the adults and the young. We believe adult education is a tremendous asset to the educational community; and besides this, we need to tackle these adult based issues because of their importance in European societies.


A questionnaire will be prepared for the adults who lack the basic skills and cognitive skills.
A logo of the project will be made. This logo will enable the project to be known nationally and internationally.
A website of the project will be implemented.
The questionnaire (Aug.-Sept. 2011) will be translated to the mother tongue of the participating countries.
The results of the Questionnaire will be presented and be publicized in the website. Brochures will be prepared for the project to be known widely.
Cultural activities will take place in national media. These activities are culture based and the ones which are in danger of extinction.
Meetings between the young and adults will be arranged. The problems of the adults will be debated and the adults will be given the opportunity to solve their problems creatively.