Project YODUL

Final Meeting in Turkey April 2013, Minutes

24 of April 2013

Arrival in Turkey

25 of April 2013

Visit of Bursa

26 of April 2013

Visit of four schools in Orhaneli.

Work Meeting:

The Facebook group works pretty well, the students manage to talk in English with each other (they upload pictures from our common trips or other, they comment the pictures, the publications…)

One suggestion is to structure the FB group, to guide the conversations.

Concerning the student from e-Seniors, it is a bit harder to convince senior people to join the group or simply to join Facebook. However, some of them are present and active in the group.

A digital magazine with the contributions of the French and Spanish teams will be created by the Turkish at the end of May. It will be sent to the French and the Spanish and we will all send the magazine by mail to our network. In order to reach out to the largest audience possible, at least some parts of the magazine will be translated into our national languages.

The Turkish partner will organise a seminar on the theme of the project. The event will be added on FB.

We have to send to the coordinator an evaluation document about how did we manage all along the project to create a communication between young and adults, how it was before the project, how it is now. A questionnaire can be given to our students.

The deadline to send the document is beginning of June and it should be a one page document.

Discussion on the final report of the project: the coordinator will receive the form to complete at the end of July. The partners have to send their own report to the coordinator before the 20th of August.

27th of April