Project YODUL

Protocol for PACE-2-Face ™ Language Immersion Program

PACE 2000
The PURPOSE of PACE 2000 is to foster communication between youth and seniors. The objective is to encourage social support/cross-cultural exchanges, mentoring and professional rehabilitation of youth, while enabling seniors to live independently and to manage their health-related issues from their homes.

Main objective:
This protocol sets the guidelines for using PACE 2-Face ™.  It consists in pairing Anglophone students with other students and French seniors, allowing all to practice their language skills in English.

What is PACE-2-Face?
PACE-2-Face is a new service being developed by PACE 2000 for the purpose of linking seniors and youth through videoconference technology.  While PACE-2-Face includes the use of a “4D”videoconference system (simultaneous video, audio, reading and writing), it is by no means only a software program.  The purpose of this new service is to forge relationships between seniors and youth by way of cultural and linguistic exchanges.

To enhance these exchanges, PACE-2-Face provides the participants (including computer illiterate candidates) with the ability to share website contents on the Internet, while simultaneously exchanging through video and audio communication. The service also enables both users to read and write on shared documents within word processors, all within a safe environment.

How will the students proceed?
The feasibility study for PACE-2-Face ™ will include X youth and Y senior participants.  Both groups must complete a registration sheet that is both signed and dated.

These youth will have the chance to practice their language skills on a one-on-one basis with the senior or other student with whom they are paired.  Once a week (for between 4-8 weeks), the youth and seniors will participate in 1-2 videoconference sessions (between 30-60 minutes each).

Evaluation Questionnaires
Before the videoconference sessions begin, the participants will be asked to complete an entry evaluation sheet and an availability time sheet. At the conclusion of each session, the two groups will complete a questionnaire based on their experience during the session.  When the allotted time for the feasibility study has passed, the participants will be asked to complete a final evaluation. The purpose of these evaluations is to measure changes in attitudes and also improvement in language skills. The responses to these evaluations are confidential

Where will the sessions take place?
Participants will be asked to use a designated videoconference station for their sessions.

Lien Pace2Face principal: Cliquez-ici
Voir Menu à gauche: En dessous de Network, "Install Pace-2-face" (avant dernier lien), puis voir le 1er lien pour le fichier exe d'installation en anglais.
Dans le menu sous Pace-2-Face, choisir "Users Guidelines", puis cliquez "PACE-2-Face User Guide", pour astuces/dépannage techniques (troubleshooting) cliquez sur "click here to help solve problems"