Paris agenda

Parigi 4 settembre 2011


Battaglie e duetti d'amore

ciaccone cantate e canzonette del Seicento in Italia

(Battles and love duets : chaconnes cantatas and songs of the seventeenth century in Italy)



B. STORACE                         Ballo della  Battaglia   

(1637 circa -1707 circa)


G. TRICARICO                     Sdegno campion audace    

(Gallipoli 1623- 1697)


B. STROZZI                            Mercè di voi

(Venezia 1619-Padova1677)

                                                Che si può fare **  3


                                                Eraclito amoroso*     4


A. VALENTE                        Gagliarda napoletana  

(1520- Napoli 1601)


G. LEGRENZI                       Hodie colletantur

(Venezia 1626-1690)                                   mottetto a due Soprani e basso continuo 


T. MERULA                           Canzonetta spirituale sopra la nanna*           

(Cremona 1590-1695)


B. STORACE                        Passacaglia in alamire  



C.  MONTEVERDI                           Sì dolce è il tormento **         

(Cremona 1567- Venezia 1643)



ensemble le

Armoniche Stravaganze

Anna Aurigi – Stefania Patavia SOPRANO

Francesco Scarcella ORGAN and HARPSICORD

This program presents a selection of pieces taken from the seventeenth century Italian repertoire for one or two voices and basso continuo and solo organ. The peculiarity of this repertoire is largely due to the freedom that musical forms had during the seventeenth century as they were not yet articulated in formal structures: this allowed composers to use and experiment freely about expression . The compositional technique followed the basic rules essential but not yet as binding in terms of formal and harmonic canons which then develop in the eighteenth century and finally reaches to the classicism of Haydn and Mozart.

Music in the Seventeenth century try to mimic human feelings with freedom and expressiveness taken to the extreme: for example singing hovers between imitation of life and musical abstraction  here is almost spoken elsewhere, on the other extreme, is purely melismatic vocal output

The ensemble Armoniche Stravaganze operates within the conservatory Tito Schipa di Lecce and is engaged for years (with publications, recordings, concerts, and teaching) in the study and dissemination of the Baroque Repertoire of southern Italy with particular reference to music composers of Salento.