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This GRUNDTVIG  project is addressed to teachers for seniors as well as to seniors themselves. The European society gets older and older. The amount of older people who are still working increases permanently. At the same time, the requirements on employed persons to adapt to innovations and technological progress grow faster and faster. The gap between professional experience of older citizens and technological know-how of the young generation becomes bigger and bigger.


The project based on the knowledge of a previous partnership which tried to make the access to new technologies easier for older citizens.  It is aimed on teachers in the adult education with special offers for senior citizens. Target-group-specific training methods and individual support at the studying makes it possible to use existing knowledge profitably.


Especially teenagers and young adults should be confirmed in their teaching activities, to improve the networking in technological knowledge and working experience. The task of the project is to support younger teachers in course planning and execution. The development of special training methods is task of the project besides team teaching and observation. It is not a classic student-teacher relation, the main subjects of this education are exchange of knowledge and experience.


Target groups of the project are senior citizens just like young teachers. Senior citizens profit from improved teaching methods, teachers can utilize her acquired knowledge also professionally, e.g. for presentations . Besides that,  existing knowledge can be utilized by it profitably for enterprises further on.




All partners have special offers for seniors, partly as an adult education centre, partly as an institution especially for seniors. All represent various institutions in the field of education. That enables to bring different experience and wide range of ideas and activities into the project so that the tasks of the project can be fulfilled.


Objectives of the partnership


The project aims can be divided into to 3 parts: Aims for teachers, aims for seniors and aims for institutions.


For teachers:

- should be enabled to create specific lessons for seniors with all needs this target group has. That means learning by using all senses, new ways to explain, new examples etc.

- are  encouraged to  make visits in partner organizations to get an impression of different teaching methods.


For seniors:

- are enabled to use new technologies, mainly computer. They fulfill the requirements of labor market and can still stay at work.

- can use internet for getting information and to use special offers

- can use e-mail to get in touch with relatives in other parts of the country or Europe.


For the institutions:

- enlarging teaching methods especially for seniors

- exchanging experience


Impact and European value


The project based on the results of a previous project. Seniors are now able to attend special offers in the partner organizations. In the next step they get in touch with seniors in other European partner countries, e.g. by private mails and as participants during the meetings.

Teachers for senior courses are able to exchange experience in teaching, they use the possibility for hosting courses in partner countries.


Both target groups (seniors and teachers) get a new view of the European idea and the European citizenship.



Volkshochschule Selb - Adult education centre  ( Selb – ALLEMAGNE)






Websites of all the partners of the project :

Finland :

Finland - blog :

France :

Germany :

Poland :



Meetings schedule

Kickoff meeting         Selb     Germany         5th and 6th of November 2009-11-11

2nd meeting                 Vantaa            Finland           6th and 7th of May 2010

3rd meeting                  Paris    France             October 2010

4th meeting                Krakow           Poland            May2011

Official project website

First meeting à Selb (Allemagne)

Program from kickoff meeting



Photos from kickoff meeting in Selb (Germany) -  November 09


From Maria (Poland)  :

From Monique (France) :



Krakow seminar - mars2010

Second meeting - Vantaa - may 2010

Program of the meeting

Photos from Vantaa meeting (FR)

Photos from meeting (PL)

Senior Olympic games Quizz (proposed by France - tested in Poland)

Third meeting in Paris - october 2010

18th conference

19th conference

Minutes of Teachnet work meeting


Selb decembre 2010

E-Seniors team partcipated to the workshop organized in Selb about ""Right-wing extremism" in your group – How to deal with it"

Program of the meeting

Fourth meeting in Krakow

Meeting program

Conference program


Presentation from Finland

Presentation from France

SOG = olympic games + skype conf between Poland and France - 21/06/2011

Powerpoint presentation

We staged the SOG 2011 together with E-seniors and Library in Chrzanow (date: 21.VI.2011).

In it took part 17 participants from Poland and 10 from France (in age over 60). We made it in the same time and all had chance to connect via Skype.

Winner from Poland: Mrs Krystyna Chmielinska
The oldest participant in Poland: Mrs Halina Krzymowska (1927)

On 7.VII.2011 - with due ceremony - we made presentation of awards with lecture of prof.Jerzy Vetulani

Pictures in Poland

Pictures in France :