Grundtvig project


New educational journeys for adults: enhancing family and intergenerational learning through photography, film and animation

Partner 1 =coordinator - Pakruojis Adult and Youth Education Centre, Lithuania
Partner 2 –British Film Institute, UK
Partner 3 – Kula Education and Youth Association, Turkey
Partner 4 – Pieksämäki Adult Education Centre, Finland
Partner 5 – Association ”M Cube(M3)”, France
Partner 6 - PROFICIO, o.s., Czech Republic
Partner 7 – Hellenic Commerce Development Centre, Greece

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The partnership is based on the need to exchange experience between different types of European institutions and get new ideas to develop and improve family and intergenerational learning as one of the very engaging adult education pathways.

The project is set out to explore the potential of using new media and animation for family and intergenerational activities, their effectiveness in developing adult learning environment and enriching everyday practice in partner institutions.

Such target groups as young parents and seniors mainly from socially disadvantaged context will be provided with new learning opportunities through participating in study circles on European films, animation, photography and IT courses. The learners will increase their intercultural awareness discussing on documentaries, culture films of each European country, will develop their IT skills and creativity in creating stop motion animation stories based on the particular family's event, cultural history, creating photo albums or short video films with photos to emphasize the intergenerational ties and heritage.

The activities where parents/grandparents, children, family members, different generations will learn together will be incorporated in the curricula of the courses and it will give input to sustainable development in the society and comparison of attitudes towards new learning possibilities.

The partnership will give ideas to adult trainers as well as new methods and approaches to adult learning via family and intergenerational activities. The outcomes of the partnership will be a website and a compendium of partners' best practice with detailed descriptions of activities enclosing a DVD with the results (animation films, video clips, photo albums) of learners' activities.

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Kickoff meeting in Lithuania


Second meeting in Finland

French animation film

Film about Père Lachaise

Questionnaire and results


Photos (Jean-Michel)

Third meeting in London



European organisations: adult education centres, cultural organisation, NGO's (both private and public) as participants of this learning partnerships are united by the common interest and need - to exchange experience between different types of European institutions and get new ideas to develop and improve family and intergenerational learning as one of the very engaging adult education pathways.

Recent research provides evidence that family learning and wider intergenerational activities are effective in developing learning to learn skills. It has proved a powerful tool for establishing an interest in learning and can develop confidence in becoming lifelong learners.

The motivation for this partnership is also supported by the common understanding of all institutions that we must provide adults with pathways to improve their knowledge about cross-generational learning in families, help them to develop key competences such as competence in technology and transversal - social, cultural and intercultural competences, to strengthen their self-confidence, self-expression and creativity.

The project will help to assist and support such target groups as senior-grandparents, young adults -parents from a socially disadvantaged context, especially those who have children/grandchildren under 18, left education without basic qualifications, from low-income families, unemployed or geographically disadvantaged. The project will encourage family members to learn together, parents/grandparents and children will learn together. These activities will boost learning in adults, enable them to promote anew their own learning and development process, and allow for further life long learning processes and engagements. In addition, the project will give input to a sustainable development in the society and comparison of attitudes towards new learning possibilities.

The participating institutions are motivated to participate in this partnership as the European cooperation will lead to new learning context for the learners. The partnership will explore the potential of using photography, film and animation in family and intergenerational learning and its effectiveness in developing adult education activities in the European institutions participating in the project. The project is needed as it will help to develop innovative practice, activities for adults which the partners wouldn't have carried out without participation in this project. Such activities as study circle “Films: Discoveries of European Culture”, Stop Motion Animation Course couldn't be obtained without participating in this particular Grundtvig learning partnership.

The project is needed to explore such means as photography, films, animation and use them for education. The activities of the partnership will not only let learners develop their skills to use technology, software but also provide with new insights that films can be used for developing their intercultural competence, photography can be a very important means to express intergenerational ties. The special focus is on animation as it will be considered as a very serious and engaging, hugely creative form of new media to express family and intergenerational values and cultural heritage.

The results of the project will promote family and intergenerational learning though engagement with new media and the anticipation is that pedagogy developed out of the project will contribute to improving the quality and breadth of adult education engagement. The partners will intensify cooperation between other learning providers by introducing and disseminating the outcomes. In this way the partnership will promote awareness of the importance of family and intergenerational learning through engagement with new media to potential participants, practitioners and policy makers.

Project strategy and objectives

We intend to address the need to get new ideas to decrease deficiency of intergenerational communication, develop and improve adult education activities through family and intergenerational learning. The project will be related to development of innovative practice and new educational opportunities for learners and provide them with new ways to strengthen their competences and improve knowledge.

Concrete objectives are:
1. To exchange experiences and good practices of involving adults to learn in a family and intergenerational environment.

2. To stimulate and facilitate development of innovative family and intergenerational activities, methods and approaches in participating institutions.

3. To develop adult learning environment and enrich everyday practice in partner institutions through intergenerational activities on photography, films and animation.

4. To enhance availability of educational opportunities for socially disadvantaged seniors and young parents and improve their knowledge in new technology, social competence and intercultural awareness.

5. To give an opportunity for adult education trainers to learn and benefit from each others.

6. To promote adult education via family and intergenerational learning at local, national and international levels.


• To organize transnational meetings for exchange of experiences, practices and methods, learners' learning outcomes and carry out workshops during them for sharing activity plans/ideas on incorporating family and intergenerational learning in training activities.

• To organize workshops for adult trainers for animation filmmaking to transfer innovative practice of BFI (British Film Institute).

• To exchange methods and approaches for seniors IT training and improvement of the methods with the new methods (films, animations etc.)

• To collect different European countries' documentaries, short films about history, culture, cultural identity and prepare material/curriculum for study circles and carry out study circles “Films: Discoveries of European Culture” to raise learners' knowledge on European citizenship, cultural identity, art, history.

• To organize IT, Stop-motion Animation, Photography courses for target groups

• To prepare a DVD with animation films, video clips, photo albums created by learners about family, intergenerational values, cultural heritage.

• To produce a Compendium with partners' best practice and a website for dissemination of ideas and results.