GRUNDVIG project in Ceuta 27 – 30 May 2012


Ceuta, our town, offers us countless wonderful places where you can practise a wide variety of Sports and leisure activities in our natural environment.
Due to the fact that we want to perserve these places for future generations, we have to be in mind that nature is absolutely alive, and the actions that we carry out can have positivie or negative consequences. We should live the adventure of nature, but “take care and look after it”.
The contac with nature produces a highly rewarding sensations. Living different adventures can be really funny and unforgettable, an experience that can not take place in social urban life.
We have been working in this project for eleven years, and so we feel motivated to keep on extending or dream to any school that can be interested in coexisting in the countryside with pupils from different shools.


The aim of our camps is mainly to promote fun activities in a natural environment. Our studentes should have the opportunity to fully experience all the recreational activities that Mother Nature has to offer them.
The kids learn about the social and natural environment in class through the different lessons taught in the books, but cannot feel it, smell it, touch it or become a part of it; and there is no other way to have a comprehensive education if it is not combined with an excursion (outing) or a camping day out. Therefore we have made this proposal.
When we are in direct contac with the natural environment, we have the opportunity to take part in physical activities of higher and lower degree of skills that allow us to enjoy and blend in with the environment, to coexist with the peers and to perform physical activities wich can usually be carried out in the environment sush us trecking, canoeing...


• To show a participative attitude while the activities are being prepared.
• To asume the security and organitation responsabilities´ during the development of this kind of activities.
• To adapt the efforts to can finish the activity in optimal conditions.
• To dominate the neccesary instrumental techniques to promote the proper development of the activity (to chose the place of the camping, to know how to install the tent or a possible “vivac”...)
• To stablish good relations with the group to keep a good level of convivence during the camping.
• To know the rules in order to preserve the environment.


27 May (Sunday):
Arrival day.
Meeting in the hotel and small presentation: “the aims and the program”.
We will go to have dinner together in a historic ancient zone (Santuario Restaurant).

28 May (Monday):
10:00 Pick up at hotel at 09:00: Guided tour around Ceuta.
Have lunch on the country.

Green Walking.
Dinner (in a fish restaurant).

29 May (Tuesday):
Cannoing activity.
Have lunch on the country.

Educational offers about camping organization (Workshops).
Dinner (in the most tipical Muslim restaurant in Ceuta).

30 May (Wednesday):
Departure from Ceuta.

- Swimming costume and swimming trunks.
- Sports clothes and trainers

You are welcome!!!

We are looking forward to have you in Ceuta.
Best regards,