Grundtvig En'Act Project
Paris 22th of March 2012
/// Meeting Report ///

En'Act : Enhancing Adult Creative Training

Cevdet ask for changing the date of Ceuta activity.
ADEFIS says that it is difficult. Only one activity. It means that the activity has to be done in may 2013, if Cevdet want to change.
The partnership finish in July 2013.
Finally, nothing will be changed.

What is your activity ?
Enrique gives the program of activities.
We are physical education teachers, working with children.
Activities in the nature : trekking...
Since 1999.
We would like you to see our work on the children (6-10).
You are going to see and to do some activities.
Children spend 4 days in the country. Nature activities.
One day in the countryside. Other days touristic activities.

Monique Epstein / Elephant Music :
In may 2012 : we keep meeting in Ceuta (without Cevdet but with Turkish peoples).
In September or October 2012 : Bartin
In the end of april 2013 : Last meeting in Bartin.

First reporting in June. Last reporting in july 2013.
You have to answer to questions on the websites of your respective national agency.
The first is not so important. The second one is more important.
You must show mobilities, websites and so on...
One part which is common. Sometimes needed to translate in his own language.

Think about it in June. Not so much work.


Cevdet remind that we have to at least 12 mobilities. If you want more, it is ok.

How to come in Ceuta ?
They know a travel agency. They will share with us the information. They will send information by email.
Take the ferry to Spain, then taxi from algesiras to Malaga. Flight in Malaga.
You can also come by flight by Tanger. No visa needed.
Easiest and cheapest from Tanger.
They will send an email and we will choose together.

Is it a good idea to come with social workers from Marseilles suburbs.

Sport clothes and shoes needed.



We need to agree on the subject of the project. It is about unformal teaching. Active education.
In the ADEFIS it is sport. In AMI case, it is music. In Elephant it is music. Bartin is many things.
The output of the project is learning/unformal learning.

Do we need to make one methodology for everybody ? Or one by organization ?
Not easy to make the same methodology for everybody.
But : we have to make reports.
Guy : i teach for many different peoples. Children. Peoples with an handicap. I have different teaching models.
We were thinking about some video reportages about everybody’s activities and to put it on the project website.
Films, photos, interviews...

Ceuta, Bartin : we can do videos.
AMI : I don’t have videos but i have recordings, images...
Guy : it's Ok.
Julien : If everybody makes videos, we can make a small film, like a clip, for the final report.
Cevdet : we have to follow the application form.
Monique : we can change a little bit, but we must say why.

Julien : we can also make a journal and a questionnaire for each participant.
We can built the questionnaire now.
Age / Profession / place / country
What was your experience ?
Your personal opinion about the activity ?
Was the organization good for you ?
Was the activity suitable for you ?
Will the activity be useful in your own activity ?

The most important : Did you learn something ? What did you learn ? Which critics ?

Idea of making an online questionnaire.
Elephant Music send the questions to everybody. We talk about it by email and we finalize the questionnaire during the next weeks.


Booklet uploaded on a website.
Information about each activity. Also about what each partner does.

The website :
An address :

A look on the website.
Miss some information about each partner.
Two sections missing : meetings and output..
Inside :
agenda / calendar/ Time table.

Possibility to make an online questionnaire, but we need to have the questions.
Will also be in the website : gallery. Videos.
Also : a link section. Interesting links.

A logo has to be made. Bartin will make the logo (an art teacher / graphist)

Some information are missing. Partners have to send what is missing.

Wich tools will use each partner to communicate about this website ?
AMI : a page on the AMI's website
Bartin : a link
ADEFIS : a website. It does not work fo now but it will work in a couple of weeks. They'll put a link.

Cevdet : A sentence like : "this website has been financed by European commission". Look for what is the real sentence.

Monique : editing a flyer ?



Cevdet : 1 or 2 days of traditional music teaching. 1 day of visiting the "school" and activities they propose.
A music teacher will teach how you can play traditional music instrument.

How to go to Bartin ? From Istanbul and then bus or taxi to Bartin. It takes 6 hours. A fly from Istanbul to Bartin, but twice a week. Bus everyday, every hour. If you go to Bartin by bus we'll pick you in Istanbul.

Which date ?
Arriving in Bartin : 27 of September
28, 29, 30 : work in Bartin (28-29 : teaching Turkish music).
1st of October : Departure


What can be paid on Grundtvig project :
Very simple. You do what you want with the money. You make the mobilities, which has to be done. Travelling, Food, Hotel. Visits.
Then, each partner does what he wants. Certificates needed. Keep all the tickets.


Today's program :
Tonight : Restaurant. Painting exhibition.