Objectives & strategy

The project will primarily be looking at subjects in the field of the arts and creative skills. The partners will be using first hand observations, individual research and virtual sharing of resources to look at their own methods and disseminate good practises which can be shared between partners. There will be recording and evaluation of methods which will be shared via a project website through creative documentation.
We strongly believe in the importance of lifelong learning and that participation in artistic learning paths acquires a central meaning related to self-development, especially in contexts of high level of exclusion and social disadvantage. Many people do not have the opportunity and experiences of self development, to be included in society and actively involved in the local and European context.

Our main objectives for the project are to:

* Encourage our trainers and facilitators to share their self made teaching and training methods
* Encourage tutors (Providers) to share their methods of construction and organisation of workshops. Sharing of reflective practices and how they relate to quality in adult learning.
* Enhance active citizenship and EU citizenship through informal arts learning

We aim to achieve these objectives through:

* The strengthening of cooperation and exchanges of information between partner institutions
* Gaining a clear understanding of informal and non-formal artistic training methods
* Collection and analysis of experiences and obstacles
* Sharing of workshop practises through e-learning, web broadcasts of workshops to allow maximum learner involvement