Grundtvig /// En’Act Project
Tuesday 20th of september – Skype conferency report

With : 
• ADEFIS, Enrique Ros Fernandez
• Bartin Halbartin, Cevdet Duran
• Generazioni, Maria Terasa Marziali
• Elephant Music, Guy Khalepski
• AMI, Ferdinand Richard, Julien Valnet

• Cavan Vec was not a this conferency. 
• Superact did not get the Grundtvig funding, an is now out of the project.

Ferdinand Richard:
AMI became the project leader when Superact left the project.
AMI propose to organize a kick-off seminar during their event about urban culture.
AMI wants to organize 2 seminar:

• One for a larger audience, concerning training of trainers in the field of urban culture.
(2-4 of november).
This is an open conferency/seminary, where partners can bring people from their city.
This open seminary is for practicians.
At the end of 3rd november day, there will be an open doors workshop at La Friche La Belle de Mai, with concerts in the night.

• The 3rd of november, a kick-off seminar will be held from 10am to 4pm during which the partners will discuss and decide what they want to achieve during this project.

Guy Khalepski says that he has a concert in the night of the 3rd november, but it seems that he can be in Marseille for the kick-off seminar in the morning.

About travel and hosting (Short discussion between Ferdinand, Enrique and Cevdet) :
Partners must assume their travel and hosting charges Maria Teresa says that at their last participation in a Grundtvig project, each partner had to pay for the travel and the accomodation of their own staff.

Ferdinand : Julien will organize very soon a mailing list.

What do you do and what do you expect for this project ?

Maria Teresa:
« We deal with solidarity and dialog between generations. We work on several fields. Music is one of these. Some of our members have interest in music. Some are musicians. This is a recent experience for us. »
« We expect from this project learn and exchange. »

« I’m a musician and a music teacher. I am here mostly to teach and to make the promotion of traditional and world music.
We organize a lot of concerts, we promote artists and we teach. Elephant Music is both a school and a promoter.
I expect for this project to learn and also to exchange my experience with other peoples.
I’m very concerned in non conventional teaching. This is an every day question.
I want to organize some master class or some activities around teaching. »

« I represent a public education center. Bartin, my city, is in the north of the Turkey, close to the black sea and not far from Istanbul.
We work on many fields, for youngs who do not go to school. We work especially on art and music, all kinds of musics. There is a concert at the end of every year.
We have a fine art and music secondary school.
If you want, we can focus our project on music. »
« We expect from this project to share experiences and meet people in Europe. We want to learn and know how people do in Europe. »

« I’m a physical education teacher in Ceuta, Spain (but on the morroccan coast). We do activities of courses and train other teachers and peoples interested in these activities. We work only on physical education in the Nature and natural environnement, with children between 6 and 12. We do camping with them.
In our association there are people who like music.


We have to keep talking by email to design a project wich interest everybody, in the fields of art/music and maybe in the field of sport.
Mixing these both things would be very innovative.

Maria Teresa:
« Hopefully we’ll have an answer in the middle of october concerning our participation. »