Summary of the EN'ACT project

Enhancing Adult Creative Training is an innovative project which aims to discover, promote and enhance good practises of teaching in non-formal subjects in the field of arts and creative activities.

The project will explore the various training methods adopted and delivered in the non- formal learning agenda, with a particular focus on engaging older learners and staff. Project partners are using creative methods to deliver non-formal and informal adult education courses throughout Europe. Through this journey of discovery the partners will assimilate the various training methods, collating resources and examples of good practise to enhance delivery in their own institutions. Partners will not only learn about good practise but will have the chance to participate in and experience different workshops at partner institutions and allow their learners to engage in these experiences allowing for direct learner involvement in application of new approaches and techniques. The project will encourage the sharing of reflective practises and methods that demonstrate good quality teaching in adult education.

The project will be working with socially excluded groups including offenders in secure units, ex-offenders, learners undertaking a addiction/ rehabilitation programme and gypsy/travelling communities. Trainers and facilitators are those working with people using non formal arts whilst exploring urban and rural cultures.

The project is also looking to explore the use of e-learning in creative informal teaching practises.